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Poster: NoiseCollector Date: Dec 5, 2006 7:53am
Forum: ourmedia Subject: Re: No posts since August?

Ourmedia has had upload problems since they switched to spin express... If you search the forums you can see complaints going back a year. Here is the solution one last time:

1. Upload the item here through the generic FTP upload screen.

2. Edit your metadate and make sure, if it is a multiple file upload, that the last file you add is the one you want to show up over there. They still have no multi file format so if you add a text or image file and are posting a song, the jpg will be created over there as an item in an audio posting and it won't work. Add album cover or text stuff after creating the node at ourmedia.

3. Change the URL from to and it will magically create the item over there.

No spin express, no sitting there for 2 hours wondering if it uploaded, no failed uploads and lame lost item screens

Only the last item in your file list transfers, I have not figured out how to make a text file transfer and they cannot answer anything for over a year now, you cannot make it part of the "ourmedia" collection over here, you have to go in and edit it over there or it registers as traditional copyright, you cannot comment on the item over there untill you assign it to a group, unless you really like ourmedia you can skip this step altogether.

Get ourmedia to allow multiple file uploads
Allow text item nodes over there from items here
Get Archive to allow you to edit the collection you post to
If you have uploaded through Ourmedia, you should edit the item over here because copyright and other info is not transfered and the built in player won't be there.
Forget about posting to Ourmedia... Archive is much better and has a fraction of the failed upload success rate.
Be sure to leave out the extras before creating the node. Here is an example of an item that had a jpg in the folder but was a song. I have asked them for months to fix it but they do not ever respond:

well I was trying to post the forum request for the correction but as usual, ourmedia is taking about 5 minutes to open... In addition to the censorship issues and other things, this really is discouraging...

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jun 26, 2007 3:24pm
Forum: ourmedia Subject: Re: No posts since August?

I don't even go there anymore. Place has turned into a clinton/obamma/edwards fund raising site. Your buddy list and mine are gone. It says you have only been a member since 2/06... WTF? I just realized your collaboration group is gone as well. I cannot find anything anymore. That one mod that was an asshole to you apparently changed everything as far as interfacing goes. I cannot find anything anymore... whatever happened to all the cool folks beside gyro jones? There was Uhshinner and Dwinkler and the infamous pablo perez... what a shame. That place was fun for a while... You should start a "netlabel" so we can have a damn forum again... what's up with Ahh fuggit.

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Poster: Sumanguru Gyra Jones and the Mohenjo Daro Orchestra Date: Jun 29, 2007 6:47am
Forum: ourmedia Subject: Re: No posts since August?

HA! I am finally included into the cool guy group! I can die a fullfilled human now.

I checked out Nobody's Media just now. I was hoping that they had figured out how to make their new interface more understandable. I was wrong. I can't even figure out how to post to my blog now... and as you pointed out my buddies have been revoked. I also tried to subscribe to NoiseCollector's channel, but got frustrated. Too bad.

I've been writing some songs. I just bought a new bass. I'm thinking of getting a real electric guitar like a Stratocaster or maybe a Telecaster. But I want to be able to post to an INTERACTIVE, on-line, artistic community. I guess Archive will have to do, but I like Ourmedia - the way it used to be.


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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jun 29, 2007 9:06am
Forum: ourmedia Subject: Re: No posts since August?

Yeah, I cannot find anything over there either. I did find a google cache of old posts that have been deleted. The tags on the front page seem to all have a certain political agenda now too hmmmmm, looks like the fairness doctrine gone horribly wrong...

Hey, check this bulletin from noisecollector out!

Subject: New Netlabel, sign up for free!

Message: We are starting a new online record label and music distribution service called NoiseCollector Records. If you are a musician and are interested in getting your music out without signing away your soul, keep reading.

We are musicians who have decided that the big record labels should not be the final judge when it comes to what people get to listen to. We are looking for other bands, musicians and multimedia artists that feel the same.

Our services include:

Effective but non-invasive promotion of your band on myspace and other networking sites, music repositories and a continuously growing list of online music sites.

Innovative guerilla marketing techniques optimally targeted to relevant demographics.

Overhaul, enhancement or creation of logos, album concept art and webpage graphics to catch people's eye, then their ear.

Free critique of your work and advice on mixing, mastering, recording, arranging and performing from folks that have been making music for many years.

Inclusion of your work and bio on (coming soon!). Future plans include direct linking to your music and related websites, forums for discussion, reviews of music and Q&A about the music scene and much more.

Unlimited free hosting of your music, from MP3 to better than CD quality, including artwork, artist information and more.

Copyright protection of some or all of your work, that you retain the rights to, ask us for details.

There are no fees to join or auditions to pass. All you need is an MP3 and an email address.

Shoot me a line and an MP3, or a link to your music, to noisecollector AT gmail DOT com or simply reply to this.
Email responses are preferred and will result in faster response times.

We'd love to have you join the netlabel... it's free.

Thank you,

Former ourmedia patton

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Poster: Sumanguru Gyra Jones and the Mohenjo Daro Orchestra Date: Jun 29, 2007 2:31pm
Forum: ourmedia Subject: Re: No posts since August?

The should be good.

Thanks for the reviews.


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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: Jun 29, 2007 2:43pm
Forum: ourmedia Subject: Re: No posts since August?

Yeah man, drop him a line and let him know.